Why we’re doing this?

Financial products and services have the power to transform the lives of people. We’ve seen it completely disrupt societies, communities & countries. Still billions of people around the world do not have access to financial solutions. We believe it should be accessible to everyone regardless of their location, age, gender, race, and others. That’s precisely why we are doing this.

To accelerate the pace of financial inclusion and enable people to transform their lives and their community through the use of financial products and services.✨

That is the vision we have for us. We want to live in a world where access to financial products and services is a basic human right. A world where every one of us is economically empowered, financially liberated, independent, and able to make our own choices when it comes to our money. A world where we choose how we earn, spend, invest, borrow, and more. A world where we truly take control of our money. It’s the world we hope to live in and commit to build or die trying.

Vaseekaran S.

Founder & CEO

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