Hello வணக்கம் हैलो హలో ഹലോ ಹಲೋ 👋 This is

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We’re here and building financial products for India. 🎉

Using our mobile application as the primary platform, we’re working to create some amazing financial products and services.

Why are we here?

To accelerate the pace of financial inclusion and enable people to transform their lives and their community through the use of financial products and services.✨

What are we working on now?

These are not new. These are something you might have already seen. But, the way we’re building these products will completely transform it.

We’re not stopping there. We are working to bring you exciting new products and services.


We’re enabling you to withdraw money directly to your bank account at the push of a button. 🤑

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What is herecredit withdraw?

Once you are a registered user, we will create a credit profile for you and allocate a credit limit to your account. You can enter the amount you require, select between 3 plans 🐴 🦓 🦄 for your repayment. Each has its own repayment terms that are comfortable for you and voila!. You’re done. The money will be credited to your back account within a few minutes.

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Know more about the plans in the credit policy.




Recognition & news

Shortlisted for Fintech Startup of the Year award at IFTA 2021.

Named one of the high potential fintech startups in an article.

We’re starting & we’re hiring. 🚀

Feel free to reach out! Also, if you are someone who shares our vision for the world and you want to get involved, write to us.